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The solution for a Home Care Agency focused on growth.

Sunflower Home Care Case Study with Home Care Digital Marketing Agency


Sunflower Home Health Care Services is a fast-growing Home Care Agency with locations in Philadelphia, PA and Vineland, NJ. In order to maintain and support their growth goals, Sunflower needed a way to manage their leads, ensure they remain engaged with their community, streamline their processes, and gain operational efficiencies.

Home Care Digital Marketing with Sunflower Home Health Care Services.

Home Care Digital Marketing Chief Consultant, Steven Ray, visits Sunflower Home Health Care Services during their annual Turkey Drive.


To address the expansion of Sunflower Home Health Care Services, we tailored a solution that harnessed the convenience of "on-demand" digital marketing at a predictable, flat-rate cost, utilizing our innovative platform, CareCompanion360.

Our collaboration with Sunflower led to the creation of a customized service request board within CareCompanion360, enhancing their digital presence with tools like a website chatbot, social media scheduler, Google My Business integration, "Missed Call Text-Back", and tailored automated workflows.

With CareCompanion360 and the strategic support of Home Care Digital Marketing, Sunflower Home Health Care Services can now focus more effectively on growth, thanks to the revolutionary digital marketing approach from Home Care Digital Marketing.

CEO of Sunlower using Home Care Digital Marketing and CareCompanion360

Clarimil Christian, CEO Sunflower Home Health Care Services, LLC.

"We are extremely happy and pleased with "The App." It has helped our business tremendously in that we are now reachable through chat, we have auto responses, and we will never miss a call. We are so excited for what The App has done for us, and look forward to all the constant new updates that are to come. We would recommend The App to anyone for convenience and a smooth daily routine especially in a very fast paced and busy office setting/environment.

Thank you Home Care Digital Marketing for your professional and excellent services that have made our job easier to serve and focus in our field!"

Success Stories

New Client & Caregiver while the office was CLOSED

Within 24 hours of installing the chatbot on Sunflower's website, Sunflower received a new lead via their chatbot while they were CLOSED. This lead was able to be converted into a qualified caregiver AND new client.

Social Media Domination

With CareCompanion360, Sunflower has scheduled and posted 1000+ social media posts to their favorite social platforms. With multiple locations, posting to their location-specific social accounts or to all locations at the same time is a breeze.

Smooth Operations

New processes have been put in place at Sunflower thanks to the custom workflows available via CareCompanion360. Some processes include: streamlined job application process, staff coaching opportunities, auditing surveys, a new lead notification system, and reputation management system.

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Sunflower Home Health Care Services and Home Care Digital Marketing Case Study

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