CareCompanion360 is full of rich digital marketing features. Here is a preview of some of the features our home care partners enjoy using the most. Feel free to contact us at anytime for a free demo.

"The dream is to make digital marketing more accessible to Home Care agencies who are focused on growth. That dream is now a reality with CareCompanion360."

- Steven Ray

Website Builder

Need a new website for your Home Care Agency?

Let Home Care experts build your website for you!

And as a bonus...

We'll give you unlimited access to the drag-and-drop website builder that comes pre-installed in CareCompanion360.

This means you and your employees will have the power to make any adjustments to your website with our easy-to-use tool. You can also build as many beautiful, responsive, and SEO-rich websites or webpages as you need.

Get a stunning, high-converting website built by Home Care experts by subscribing to a plan today.

Funnel Builder

Want to hyper-target new clients or caregivers? You can do so with an expertly designed Funnel.

Create custom landing pages that will attract your targeted audience and guide them down a path that encoruages them to choose your agency over others.

We'll build your first funnel for you!

Funnels have a higher conversion rate and can be built independently of your website.

Use funnels to increase your number of clients and start targeting more qualified caregivers by subscribing to a plan today.


Give your website and funnel an immediate upgrade by installing a Chatbot.

Research has shown that client satisfaction rate increases with use of a chat feature. Around 75% of people prefer it over any other channel of communication. A Chatbot acts as a 24/7 employee that greets a website visitor and follows them along the exploration of your site.

It is a quick and easy way to capture more leads!

Get more leads ASAP.

Social Media Planner

One of the top methods to build trust, loyalty, and earn more referrals is to engage with your community. As a Home Care Agency, it is imperative that you showcase your personality and the best way to reach the masses is by cultivating an online community via social media.

Take advantage of the ability to shine a bright light on your Home Care Agency by consistently posting to various social media platforms.

CareCompanion360 offers a Social Media Planner tool that allows you to create, schedule, and post to your favorite social media channels.

Save time and money by scheduling your posts ahead of time and never worry about what to post again by accessing CareCompanion360 today.

Missed Call Text-Back

What happens if a client calls you and you are either busy or closed? It's simple, they call the next Home Care Agency on their list.

Are you aware of how many leads you are missing per month due to missed calls?

When you sign-up for CareCompanion360, we enable the Missed Call Text-Back feature. You never have to worry about missed opportunities again.

CareCompanion360 automatically sends a text to the caller whenever the call is missed. This keeps the caller engaged and helps to prevent a phone call to your competition until you get the opportunity to connect with them.

Don't miss out on quality clients and talented caregivers by accessing CareCompanion360 today.

CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management System (or CRM) helps you to manage all of your relationships and interactions with your leads, staff, clients, and caregivers.

Send individual or bulk messages with the click of a button.

Need to send a message to all of your caregivers regarding a new training that is available? Use our pre-built Smart Filter to send a mass message with no limits to recipients.

CRM Systems are proven to increase revenue by 245% while also increasing conversion rates by 300%.

This is a no-brainer, the CRM system is included for FREE in all plans. Subscribe today!

Reputation Management

Online Reviews are the new "Word of Mouth" referrals. Would you trust your loved one to a Home Care Agency that has an overall rating of 3-stars or less?

Nearly 100% of consumers research local companies online before reaching out or

making a decision.

CareCompanion360 gives you the ability to quickly request and receive reviews, manage responses, and report on your review performance. We also have a fully automated Review Booster campaign that guarantees more 5-Star Reviews!

Also, you get a FREE widget for your website where you can show off all of your stellar reviews!

Get more 5 star reviews by accessing CareCompanion360 today!

Email Marketing

Create your own beautiful emails and target the clients and caregivers you want for Home Care Agency.

Schedule and automate your messages to ensure you are sending the right message to the right people at the right time.

The drag-and-drop email email builder allows you and your staff to easily build professional-grade email designs to wow your audience and encourage them to open and respond to your marketing campaigns.

We will also provide you the data needed to continuously improve your campaigns with KPIs like Open Rate, Clicked, Soft or Hard Bounce, and Spam Folder Rate.

Take your Home Care / Home Health Care Agency to the next level by accessing CareCompanion360 today.

SMS Marketing

Higher engagement by reaching out to your audience where their eyes already are, their phone.

Create quick-access SMS templates and send bulk messages to your potential or existing clients and caregivers.

Did one of your caregivers call out and you need to fill-in the spot ASAP? Create a template and send a message to all of your active caregivers at the same time.

Save time and money by using text messages to better communicate. Subscribe to a plan and access CareCompanion360 today.

Form/Survey Builder

The power to build custom forms and surveys is included in CareCompanion360. Here is just some examples of what you can do with your own form/survey builder:

  • Build a survey to help qualify your caregivers before or after you interview them.

  • Create an on-the-go audit for your auditor to use when visiting your clients.

  • Capture leads on your website and send them to your CRM system.

  • Collect feedback from your clients or caregivers to better improve your agency.

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