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As a caregiver or home health aide, you can earn an extra $30-$150 per month without any extra work.

Here's how:

  • Fill out the form below to become an affiliate for Home Care Digital Marketing

  • You will get a personalized link for The App sign-up page

  • When Home Care Agencies use your link to sign-up with us, you earn 30% of the payment for the life of the account.

PRO TIP: If you are looking for a job as a caregiver or home health aide, you can provide this link to each home care agency you talk to. If they sign-up, you get extra $$$ even if you do not work for them.

Start Earning Extra $$$ Now

We do the work, you just need the link.

The App is the best digital marketing tool for Home Care Agencies. You will not only be helping out Home Care Agencies but also earning passive income as a caregiver, home health aide, nurse, or staff member.

The Best Digital Marketing Company for Home Care

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